Process Mapping

What we do:

Simple high level flow charts are rarely good enough for capturing the reality of how complex health care processes work. Doleweerd Consulting has developed a tailored set of health care mapping methods and analytics to ensure we find and share the most important process improvement insights.

Our approach involves spending time alongside the frontline staff to ensure we capture what actually happens and understand how value is created for the patient. Once the process is well understood, we assist leadership teams to convert proven quality improvement theory into practical and measurable results. We will help you sustain these results by delivering a range of training that expands your internal capacity to improve.

How you benefit:

Doleweerd Consulting will use our process mapping as a tool to help you:

  • Get control over unwieldy processes
  • Ensure a consistent level of service quality by standardizing processes across people, care sites and departments
  • Eliminate waste and free clinicians to offer more time for client care
  • Prepare for electronic solutions, ensuring care processes are optimized before they are automated
  • Design new simplified processes
  • Maintain digitized and video libraries of your current state processes
  • Create directories of process maps that can be updated by you for continuous improvements
  • Get staff involved in quality improvement

Process mapping will help you and your senior management team develop a common understanding of your core processes and set stretch performance goals for each. We will guide your team to ensure that quality improvement through process redesign leads to sustained results.

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