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Business Process Mapping

To improve your processes, it is important to first understand them. Business Process Mapping is ideally suited as a tool for improving complicated health care processes created across the myriad of forms, databases and staff types across multiple departments and organizations.

Doleweerd Consulting uses a range of mapping methods to help you understand your process. We always start by “walking the shop floor” with the staff involved to ensure we capture what actually happens and understand how value is created for the patient.

Once the process is well understood, we assist leadership teams to convert proven quality improvement theory into practical and measurable results. We will help you sustain these results by delivering a range of training that expands your internal capacity to improve.

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Improving Service Quality

We believe you know your business best, and that our job is to bring fresh eyes and the right questions to your staff. We will help you implement purposeful changes to processes to reliably deliver what patients need using concepts popularized by Lean and Six Sigma methods. We will assess your organizational performance level – whether you are in the formative stages, have some good practices that need spreading, or are more advanced in meeting client needs systematically.

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Business Intelligence Solutions

We help organizations get to the ‘vital few’ measures, those 10 to 15 indicators that link strategic goals to operational activities, and allow decision makers to take timely, relevant action.

We combine our depth of knowledge of the community care sector with a technical knowledge of client and patient information systems to deliver business intelligence solutions such as performance dashboards, balanced scorecards or benchmarking.

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Operational Management and Review

Organizations can benefit from an operational review, particularly when they are experiencing a period of rapid organizational transition, financial constraint, or when significant external changes in the environment are having an impact on operations. In consultation with you, the scope can be as broad or narrow as necessary to get the insight you need. Our experience with accreditation frameworks and National Quality Institute / Baldridge Criteria ensures we use the most trusted approaches to operational reviews.

We also offer Management Contracts of any duration to assist community care organizations in reaching desired levels of performance. We can come in at a departmental level or senior level – wherever you need bench strength in implementing sound management practices.

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Information Management and Technology Services

Doleweerd Consulting has helped many organizations optimize the technology they have, or plan for the effective deployment of new technology to fit with future requirements. Our consultants have direct experience in leading organizational or region-wide IT initiatives, from project conception through to deployment.

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