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Pay Attention

The phrase ‘pay attention’ is fitting for health care leaders. Managers have a limited amount of attention that they can allocate. There is only so much capacity to think deeply of the important problems like, what do their patients value, and how do we design work so that it is productive, effective and meaningful? Have… Read More »

Beautiful health care processes.

Fyodor Dostoevsky, the Russian writer, once said: “Beauty Will Save the World!”. This is a provocative statement. With health care in what seems perpetual crisis, it might be worth asking – can beauty can save health care? This is not about being pretty. If beauty saved health care it would be about artful service design.… Read More »

Capturing the voice of the patient

Doleweerd Consulting completed an engagement that provides important information about the experiences of people transitioning from hospital to long-term care, or back home with the addition of home care, in Ontario. Report 1: “I don’t know” (Hospital to home care) Report 2: Catch-22 (Hospital to long-term care) The project focused on understanding what clients value,… Read More »

"Human Vigilance" as the backbone to our system?

Many business processes in health care come about by evolution, rather than design. Problems are often patched, rather than fixed. Many procedures are very labour intensive, rather than automated. When a process is evolutionary, patched and labour intensive, it’s success ultimately depends on the vigilance of the people in the process. Consider the following examples:… Read More »