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Capturing the voice of the patient

Doleweerd Consulting completed an engagement that provides important information about the experiences of people transitioning from hospital to long-term care, or back home with the addition of home care, in Ontario. Report 1: “I don’t know” (Hospital to home care) Report 2: Catch-22 (Hospital to long-term care) The project focused on understanding what clients value,… Read More »

Can We Make Health Care "Googley"

Much has been said about how we, in health care, can learn from companies in other industries such as Toyota (Lean), or maybe even about how hospitals (especially ORs) are like airports. The stories about these industries have been around for years. So lets see if we can take a page from the success story… Read More »

Forms Waste: The Story of Kung Fu Panda

One Friday evening, I asked my kids the usual, ‘What did you learn at school today?’ Excitedly, they said ‘our whole school went to the gym and watched Kung Fu Panda’. My one daughter volunteered that ‘the teachers needed time to get their report cards filled out’. We have an awesome school with very dedicated… Read More »

Kaizen vs. Control

There is much enthusiasm these days about “Kaizen“ in Health Care (and rightfully so, it’s a great philosophy). It is a Japanese term meaning: ‘Change for the better’ or ‘improvement’. A business philosophy of continuous cost reduction, reducing quality problems, and delivery time reduction through rapid, team-based improvement activity. However, it is often pursued without… Read More »


Welcome to the inaugural entry of Doleweerd Consulting’s “Health Care Quality” Blog. The objective of this blog is simple: To share insights and thoughts on how quality improvement techniques and existing/emerging technologies can apply to improvement in the health care sector. The authors of this blog have a particular interest in Community Care, thus most… Read More »