Healthcare Referrals are Broken

Imagine that you are sitting with a travel agency trying to arrange a visit to see relatives in Europe.  After much discussion, they recommend the best airline and hotel combinations.  After filling out all the requisite paper work, the travel agent tells you: I am going to fax this to the airline. The airline will… Read More »

Beautiful health care processes.

Fyodor Dostoevsky, the Russian writer, once said: “Beauty Will Save the World!”. This is a provocative statement. With health care in what seems perpetual crisis, it might be worth asking – can beauty can save health care? This is not about being pretty. If beauty saved health care it would be about artful service design.… Read More »

Capturing the voice of the patient

Doleweerd Consulting completed an engagement that provides important information about the experiences of people transitioning from hospital to long-term care, or back home with the addition of home care, in Ontario. Report 1: “I don’t know” (Hospital to home care) Report 2: Catch-22 (Hospital to long-term care) The project focused on understanding what clients value,… Read More »

Triaging in health care. Time for new thinking….

I grew up watching M*A*S*H. The last episode in the early 80’s became the most watched TV episode in American history. I have the image burned into my brain of Hawkeye running towards the 4077’th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital helicopter pad, ducking below the aircraft blades to assess the injured. The show brought into popular… Read More »