Paralysis by Vague Announcement

I was once speaking with an engineering professor who was working on breakthrough Fuel Cell technology.  He told me something interesting… “Fuels cells are probably about 10 years out from being broadly viable and widely used … but 10 years is what everybody says when they really have no idea how long it will take.”… Read More »


Computers, databases, printers and forms.  One thing they have in common is that they make it really easy to collect information. But the ease of collecting information makes us management types get greedy, and we ask for everything under the sun.  Just because you can collect information doesn’t mean you should. We call this disease “Overcollectionitis”. Overcollectionitis… Read More »

Your ‘wait-list’ should be getting longer

Do you have a wait-list?  If you do, then it should be getting longer. Lets say your organization provides autism assessments, and you can provide 10 assessments a week.  However, you are getting requests for 12 assessments per week. Therefore, each week, you provide 10 assessments and 2 more people get added to the waitlist.  Every… Read More »

Pay Attention

The phrase ‘pay attention’ is fitting for health care leaders. Managers have a limited amount of attention that they can allocate. There is only so much capacity to think deeply of the important problems like, what do their patients value, and how do we design work so that it is productive, effective and meaningful? Have… Read More »

Go. Find. Out.

When you make a change to a process, you will inevitably get people telling you that it isn’t working (often in a boardroom). “It didn’t work when Sally didn’t follow the process.” “It didn’t work when the phone call wasn’t made in time.” “It’s doesn’t work when the staff are feeling stressed.” The correct response… Read More »