Capturing the voice of the patient

By | October 24, 2009

Doleweerd Consulting completed an engagement that provides important information about the experiences of people transitioning from hospital to long-term care, or back home with the addition of home care, in Ontario.

The project focused on understanding what clients value, and then determining if the health care delivery process is capable of delivering that value.
The project was funded by Change Foundation, and supported by Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres.

So what did patients going from Hospital to long-term care tell us that they value? i.e., what was the voice of the client?

“I want help getting accurate information that I can understand at the right time and place, including viable options, so my family and I can make the right decision for us. I want to feel confident that people care and to be treated with fairness and respect.”

The reports show that this notion of value is not fully understood and acted upon in a concerted way by the many agencies providing service. Agencies do not consistently optimize the end-to-end process, as felt by patients.  This translates into unnecessary hospitalization, needless admission to long term care and confusion for families and clients. Further, it is waste the health system can ill-afford.

This project employed Doleweerd Consulting’s methods of Patient Value Analysis and Digital Current State Mapping. Clear information was created to build an understanding of what patients value and how capable the care delivery process is in delivering this. This is more than measuring patient satisfaction. This is interacting with a program’s patients, capturing themes and insightful expressions, and observing the process end-to-end, even if it spans several organizations. It not only provides remarkably clear information, it is highly engaging of staff and is a way of getting patients into the health care program ‘design room’.

When an improvement-oriented leadership team pays attention to its patients, the results are unmistakeable and remarkable. One case in point is the Home First program being deployed all across Toronto in 2009 by the Community Care Access Centre. There are many others listed in the report, and still many more opportunities for fundamental process changes. Take some time to check out the reports or, fill out our ‘got a question‘ web form if you want to learn more about transforming the care experience for your patients.

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    FYI- Doleweerd Consulting shares information about consulting projects at the request of the customer, as in this case. We do not respond to media inquiries unless at the request of the customer.

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