Improving Health Care

We believe that healthcare processes should be beautiful.

A beautiful process honours people – both patients and clinicians.
A beautiful process is designed to work, every time, without waste.
A beautiful process helps us smile.

We help healthcare organizations achieve this by combining our passion for healthcare with technical discipline in process design and quality improvement.

Our approach starts with a focus on what patients value. Then we create a shared understanding of how the current system provides that value. Finally, we take rapid iterative action. The ideas are bold, the changes are fundamental, and the clinical and financial results are sustainable.

Since 2006, we have helped over 150 healthcare organizations aspire to, and move towards, this level of quality.  Our work has touched the lives of thousands of patients receiving home care, long term care, cancer care, surgery, mental health and community support services.

We feel a responsibility to give back in ways that help spread good practices. We created and share Caredove, an online service directory that offers an innovative way to organize community services and make referrals. We also speak at conferences to help inspire and share fresh ideas.

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